KORENT is an architectural office that creates and implements strategies for the positioning of corporate brands. With more than 15 years of experience, KORENT provides time, quality and cost optimization while making highly interacted architectural designs that focus on people.

Erdal Ekmekçi, the owner of the company, who has carried out many local and international projects, works in domestic and abroad with leader brands especially in the retail sector. With 500 branches design, project and turn-key application experience, Erdal Ekmekçi adopts “Sustainability” concept as the key principal at every stage of the process.

The architecture and design office which offers architectural solutions that strengthen brand story and communication, renders a wide range of services to investor from concept development to all implementation stages. While supporting to establish a strong brand identity, KORENT creates schematic and enlightened lifestyles with harmonious approaches to the environment, culture and texture.

Combining strategic perspective with aesthetic vision, KORENT builds characteristic spaces that create attraction. KORENT follows the current consumer tendencies and sectoral trends and blends them with universal architectural concepts to develop the most ideal architectural structures according to our ages’ needs. With the correct place, time and texture and with the correct settings it aims to give the fastest return to the investor which develops their business.



Erdal Ekmekçi who graduated from the Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Faculty of Architecture in 2003, worked as Technical Manager at Aydınlı Group between 2005-2018 and he established his own design office KORENT in 2018. Handling the space and product designs by adhering to the concepts of locality, sustainability and universal architecture, Erdal Ekmekçi provides solutions to people in need by adding all the vital and aesthetic requirements into the spaces.

Erdal Ekmekçi’s special interests include; painting and drawing studies, sketch art, preparing the articles about institutional architecture and collecting into a book. At the same time, the architect organizes sketch exhibits for the benefit of children with dyslexia.

Your Customer Satisfaction Is


KORENT focuses on notion. It provides updatable spaces and adheres to the concept notion.
KORENT takes customer satisfaction and utility as a focus:

– Evaluates the strategy and cares about the analysis.
– Run each stage of the project or design with the customer.
– Provides cost optimization in design-project-application selection.
– Prioritise cooperation in in every stage.
– Interested in the history of brands. Make designs which make them stronger.
– Produces accessible, understandable and distinctive space designs.